What is happening now? Well… A lot happened. As I expected, the fellow synthetics voted for us, and a door was opened. The other synthetics quickly threw us into this black room, and the door closed. Nothing happened for about five minutes, then it all happened. Gunshots. Screams. The sound of bodies falling. They were mass slaughtered. Soon after, the lights turned on, and the room I was in lit up, to show a massive hallway. As we walked through, hardly seeing an end to the cathedral-like hallway, a voice of an Old Woman started to play. She explained that she was the creator of the Original Levico, and had the ideas for creating us. She told us how this was all a test, and was to see which 5 robots were going to be chosen to run Levico. She said she had stage 4 cancer and is in the final steps of being able to transfer herself into a synthetic version of herself. However, she said she doesn’t want Levico anymore, and we are her most prized creations. We are now in control of Levico. Beyond the door she stands.

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