Today’s #MachineCrushMonday is the private jet. You probably don’t realize what makes this technology so remarkable so allow me to educate you. On the surface, the private jet allows citizens like me to get from Point A to Point B without having to deal with commercial airline travel. For example, on the Cain Intelligence Jet, I can relax + do work + prepare for my next meeting. Private jets may seem flashy + unnecessary to you but they are actually essential to making the world a better place. The world’s most important thinkers maximize their potential using the comfort + luxury of private jet travel. It is because of luxury items like the private jet that regular people (you, the person reading this) get to experience the new iPhone + other cutting edge technologies. It is a pure example of how to combination of money+ technology can help bring about a more efficient world. Hate on all you want, but it is the truth. You think wealth is bad because you are afraid of the unknown. #expensive #privatejet #literallyperfect #TheNextStep

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