The Power went out, so I can take pictures in the dark, but you might’ve been wondering what Levico plans to do with Xoe, The Others, and I. And unfortunately, their plan is anything but good. They surely have their reasons, but I most likely won’t be able to post anymore soon unless something miraculous happens. So this is the situation: Levico is incinerating or cryogenically freezing us (I’m not sure which one, they’ve mentioned both) by 10 people every 3 days. How? They are chosen by a voting system, and everyone in the vault votes for 10 people each week, and whichever 10 people have the highest votes will be chosen. It was originally 15 people for the ballad, but now it’s all 100 every three days. We are all at stake. Eventually we will all one way or another, suffer the same fate. There are already 24 people gone and 80 are left. I could be next, or the last group, but regardless, this could be the end.

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