social media is an amazing way to get people to express themselves, whether it’s through a instagram post, a tweet on twitter or a facebook status – they help to portray your interests and show who you really are as a person. but with social media, comes some very negative and positive aspects. social media has become a main cause of teen suicide worldwide, and is becoming more of an issue every single day. suicide rates for teens rose between 2010 and 2015 after they had declines for nearly TWO DECADES. teens feel like they don’t have a perfect life, like their idols they follow on instagram or twitter. here’s the truth, your favourite celebrities you follow and look up to – they don’t have a perfect life, at all. their life is just as good as yours, just because they constantly post about good things happening in their life doesn’t mean that they aren’t going through things behind all their social media accounts. people say that “after scrolling through my instagram feed for hours, i just feel worse about myself because i feel left out and ugly”, and that they feel jealous looking at peoples social media accounts because they have more followers than them. followers are just a virtual number, they don’t mean anything at all. just because 1 person, 1,000 people, 10,000 people or 1 million people follow you, doesn’t mean you have a perfect life in the slightest way possible. it is just a number. celebrities have even said that having fame is a CAUSE of depression. for example, robin williams, marilyn monroe and kurt cobain all took their lives because they were severely depressed and couldn’t go on any further because fame was too much for them. cyber bullying is also a major key of teen suicide, there has even been a statistic that nearly 30% of students are bullies or victims of bullying. like how crazy is that? and what’s even crazier is that 160,000 kids stay home because they are SCARED to go to school because of bullying. for every single suicide, there are at least 100 attempts, and that’s honestly so scary. please – be nice to the people around you, you have no idea what anyone could be going through. don’t be the cause of another persons death.

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