i wish there was someone i could talk to when im down – bottling is bad, i know, but i can’t help it. i hate talking about my problems and i hate saying i’m not in a good place because i want to be seen as strong, even though i’m not (at all). believe it or not i’m actually very weak. i always say i’m ok, when i’m not and inside i’m crying out for help – but i don’t know how speak up. i don’t talk to anyone because i feel like they’ll judge me or mock me. recently, i haven’t been okay at all and i’m going through a lot. i know you guys care and not to sound like an asshole, but please don’t ask what’s wrong because i don’t want you guys to worry about me. i hate when people worry about me. sorry if i’m less motivated and slightly inactive on social media over the next couple of weeks, as i’m hurting and i need a little break. to all those who message me on a daily basis giving me support, thank you. thank you from the bottom of my heart, i love all of you.

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