All of my praise right now goes to the LGBTQ+ Community, especially the transgendered people in the USA right now, in these hard times. I have never been a big fan at all of our President, but trying to classify women who were born men or the other way around as their birth gender is not okay. You should have no power to tell people, and make it a law that whatever gender you were born as you legally are for life. Instead of doing awful things to the world whilst you have all of that power, help build the things you have broken instead of destroying more lives. These people are humans, and it is not your place no matter what you do to tell them they can’t be who they’ve always wanted to be. I will forever be a large supporter of the LGBTQ+ and I will do everything in my power, every day, to make sure these people are safe and accepted in society from this misogynistic, racist, trans and homophobic filth we have to call a president. I hate to get into politics but this is outrageously stupid of Trump, and these people deserve to keep their identity.

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