sometimes it’s so motherfucking hard. Thiss is a picture of me and my friends kicking it,, laughing, havin fun. Itss bullshit. That night I wanted to get onn a plane and never see nobody again. I hate feelin like I’m bringing people down, broh. Everyone looks to me to be fun an keep the party going. Some morning I wake up just like “WHAT THEE FUCK” jus waking up like what if I didnt exist or what if i didnt feel shit so strongly. I wake up and I post pics of me doing cool shit and for like a second I maybee feel better. Lookin fllee for yall helps me get by sometimes so thank u for that. But yea. I felt like shit when this photo was taken. I don’t really know how to talk about real stuff on here but its harder for me in real life so i guess we doin this for a moment lol. Doesnt feel like anybody gives a shit but yea. I been getting more DMs and comments talkin bout my fits fire, living my best life. Jus thought it was important to let yall know this been a hard month and theres no “reason” for it. Some days this just the way my brain is wired an I cant get out of it and no amount of people telling me itll be cool makes it cool and i get frustrated w those people even tho they just love me an wanna help. When im feelin this way, I really do log onto the Gram. Sounds fucked up or weird butt I like the distance on here, like I know yall but we dont need to deal w actually havin a friendship, havin to negotiate our feelins like…I come on here and i can spread love and get love back. And it really doess help. To anybody else feeling this way youu not alone. Log on to here and know im right there with you. Check in w ya friends, especially the ones who seem strong n ok. they the ones gotta bury shit the deepest sometimes. And see somebody mane. This shits no joke its like havin a broken leg get it looked at. Ppl in ur life is around. Its cool bein not 100 percent. U gonna get there. i got faith bleep bloop Blawko done ❣️

sometimes it’s so motherfucking hard. Thiss is a picture of me and my friends kicking it,, laughing, havin […]

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That day at @lamagnifiquesociety 🙏🏻 Standing up for who you are is beautiful. @eddydepretto does it in a powerful and inspiring way. Thanks for your texts, artists like you help me being more confident and live in your world.

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I had a dream last night 🦋 dedicated and inspired by beloved @heike2109 merci . . . @hvmansouls […]

Had a little power chat this morning with Trevor after he landed from NY.  He asked how I was […]

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I made it 🖤 @harpersbazaararabia merci @mohammed – shukran for my groundbrealing dress @zuhairmuradprivate @zuhairmuradofficial . . @louisenichol […]